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Almost 40 school districts closed Friday because teachers requested leave to go to the rally in Kentucky's capital city, Frankfort.

Under Ducey's proposal, teachers' pay would increase 9% in the 2018 school year, then another 5% for the next two years, boosting the average salary to $58,130 from the current $48,372 by 2020.

As the House of Representatives took to the floor to debate a controversial tax overhaul that generates revenue in an effort to fund education and pension payments, Gov. Bevin threatened to call them back to Frankfort in a special session if the bills were not fiscally responsible.

"Where do we go from here?" "I don't agree with these comments & I find them repulsive". "That's a fight not only about our educators, it's about our children and families".

Kentucky's pension bill revised numerous controversial provisions of its predecessor, like a mandatory 3 percent contribution into retiree health insurance funds and the end of a $145 million health fund for retired teachers.

"This is the example that we want to send to our children, really?"

More 30 school districts canceled school ahead of the rallies on Friday because teachers called off work.

Teachers got the blame, as Bevin said some single parents can not afford childcare and can not afford to take time off work to watch their children.

"The KEA has spent millions of dollars of teachers' dues to elect the previous governor, who never fully funded their pension, took money that should have gone into that, and spent it on other wasted political projects". "They wanted to make a statement".

He also said the pension bill, House Bill 151, which was signed, was a start to the growing pension problems in the state, but did not solve the problem.

If they don't pass a budget, Gov. Matt Bevin will have to call a special session in the near future. "I would not advise that, I wouldn't, I think that would be a mistake". "This wasn't about teachers, it wasn't about students". "Please do not play into this negative narrative", the Jefferson County group said.

The following local districts are closed: Grant County Schools, Gallatin County Schools, Owen County Schools, Erlanger-Elsmere Independent School District, Bellevue Independent Schools and Newport Independent Schools.

"We're not going to do anything unless it's a statewide initiative" Jett said, adding that the actions of a couple individual districts will not have much bearing on schools statewide. "His insults of teachers over the a year ago have been beneath the decorum of any respectable elected official".

Middle school science teacher Leslie Atkins said several students came to her Thursday and asked if she was attending the rally "for us".

Bevin spoke to Conway about the reaction after he put more money in the budget for pensions than his predecessor, Democrat Steve Beshear, did in eight years. Rep. Joni Jenkins, D-Shively, said the bill raises new money "on working folks" while "giving a $500 million rebate to our wealthiest and corporations".

The two-year operating budget includes record new spending for public education, fueled by a 50-cent increase in the cigarette tax and a 6 percent sales tax on some services including home and auto fix.

By overriding the governor's veto, a measure will move forward to raise taxes on some 17 services and lower some personal and corporate income taxes.