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This is the hilarious moment a BBC presenter falls into a swimming pool while interviewing England's Commonwealth Games medalists.

Bushell began his live interview with England's Commonwealth Games swimmers by warning that he must take care in the water, lest he should damage his microphone and sound equipment.

A BBC reporter accidentally went for a swim during a live interview in Australia.

Before stepping into the pool, Bushell said: 'I'm going to have to jump into the water.

The swimming team burst out laughing as Mike tried to compose himself, and let's just say it was pretty hard for everyone to keep a straight face during the interview. "All the people here are literally on the floor", he told viewers, referring to the off-camera crew, The Guardian reported.

"Bye Mike. It hasn't been tiresome".

Bushell, wearing something casual for a change, made a decision to adjust his position in order to get a good angle to speak with the entire team.

The athletes all had their feet in the pool and Mike happily joined in too, with his feet dunked right in the water.

"I missed the step".

Moments later they were able to return to Bushell who admitted: "I thought it was just a little jacuzzi or a kids' pool".