KXIP vs KKR Live Score

One clue that ignited Mitchell's downfall was his emulator's use of a transition screen that the original arcade game could not produce. According to our findings, Steve Wiebe would be the official 1st million point record holder. Twin Galaxies has released a statement saying that Mitchell has been stripped of his records and banned from competition, after it was proven that his videotaped recordings of his record-holding games included board transitions that could only have been achieved using emulation software.

Famous video game player Billy Mitchell is perhaps best known for having been the first Donkey Kong player in the world to score a million points and achieved world record high scores of several arcade games since the 1980s. Their investigation (as well as that of two other independent third parties) proved this to be the case, and as a result, all of Billy Mitchell's scores on Twin Galaxies have been revoked. Mitchell's status only grew with 2007's King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters documentary, which put the spotlight on Mitchell's rise to fame in the arcade scene against Steve Wiebe. Officials just needed to determine whether the recording was from arcade hardware or not.

Twin Galaxies have now banned Mitchell from entering scores again and said they have informed Guinness World Records.

"From a Twin Galaxies viewpoint, the only important thing to know is whether or not the score performances are from an unmodified original DK arcade PCB [printed circuit board] as per the competitive rules", said Twin Galaxies.

A prolific player of classic titles, Billy Mitchell had been setting records on the Twin Galaxies leaderboards for decades. Save states, alternate input methods, and other means could be leveraged to bring that high score within reach, though the investigation did not conclude whether save states were used to manipulate the game.

Twin Galaxies was founded in 1981 by arcade owner Walter Day, but it came under new management in 2014 and is now led by "Head Custodian and Caretaker" (and Internet video personality) Jace Hall.

"Hopefully it is becoming more and more obvious that we care very much about our scoreboard integrity and will continue to improve it step-by-step, no matter how painful or public it might occasionally be", reads its statement.

The investigation started in February when a fellow Twin Galaxies member filed a dispute claim.

"We must repeat, the truth is the priority".