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So actor/director John Krasinski, his wife (in the film and in real life) Emily Blunt and their children must adapt - through sign language and ingenious adaptations - or die. It certainly overperformed. Domestically, the Marvel film acquired £665.4 million, also making it that the third-biggest release of most timeldquo;starwars: The drive Awakens" & "Avatar. More recently the definition of an "Oscar movie" has evolved even further to allow masterful works in genre territory like Mad Max: Fury Road, Arrival, and Get Out to not only score recognition but also some major wins.

Meanwhile, Chris Pratt was more passionate than amusing when giving his seal of approval to A Quiet Place. For his film, though, he "wanted it to feel a little bit more like a throwback, so it was all the Hitchcock movies and "Jaws" and "Alien" and 'Rosemary's Baby, ' it was sort of that feeling of the thrillers of 30 years ago, 40 years ago". Have you had the opportunity to watch A Quiet Place? "Go see A Quiet Place". He uses the hallmarks of a monster movie, and all the tension therein, to tell a story about family, loss, and parenthood, and what one would do to ensure the safety of one's child. But it looks like A Quiet Place could launch it's own franchise. It might be best to just leave it as it is, much like Jordan Peele's ideas about a sequel to Get Out.

"He's a very good father and that's been a great source of comfort to me", Blunt said.

Again, a sequel hasn't been confirmed just yet, but with the kind of money the pic's making and the buzz it's generated, we imagine Paramount's going to give it the go ahead in the very, very near future. The scribe duo said Krasinski wanted Simmonds to play the character of Regan Abbott, his on-screen deaf daughter in the film about a family trying to survive in silence.

While nothing official has been announced just yet, you have to imagine that Paramount's now working out how to turn A Quiet Place into a franchise, with a sequel all but confirmed to be happening at this stage.