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Authorities in New Jersey say several girls jumped from a balcony to escape a fire at a dance studio.

A group of young girls and at least one adult were huddled screaming on a second-floor balcony above a auto wash while flames raged out the windows just a few feet behind them, according to a short video posted to the Facebook group Life in Edgewater and later on YouTube.

The young dancers were seen dangling from the ledge and screaming as an army of good Samaritans below the burning Edgewater studio encouraged the girls to let go, according to footage of the daring escape.

The unbelievable escape was captured on video.

Business owner Tony Nehmi told NJ.com he and a police officer helped some of the girls down before the ladders fell during the fire. Some of the girls were unable to break the glass on the second floor.

"We looked up there, were two girls on the second floor banging on the window", said Dalton. "Big sigh of relief".

By contrast, Nina Twomey said that Nehmi's and other good samaritans' swift action made a world of difference.

Five people were taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. "That was our only concern", said witness Ilker Kesiktas. "Little injuries but we care about the lives of those kids".

Thanks to eyewitness video, an intense fire in a building that housed a dance studio filled with children has been viewed online hundreds of thousands of times worldwide.

The cause of the fire is now under investigation.