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But, Wozniak confirmed the same in an email to USA Today. He said while Facebook made money off this, the users did not get any share of the profits back. Steve Wozniak suggested that he is even ready to pay a fee in order to protect his personal data from ads while still using Facebook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about Facebook's troubles in March, saying Apple wouldn't have run into the same situation when asked how he would handle a crisis had he been in Zuckerberg's shoes.

Wozniak said he'd rather pay for Facebook than have his personal information used by advertisers. Facebook, needless to say, remains in a tough pickle.

"Facebook's Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress in wake of the controversy over the leak of users" data. Wozniak, who co-founded Apple in the 1970s with Steve Jobs, is still employed by the company.

Though only just now deactivating his account, Wozniak has levied similar criticism at Facebook in the past.

A cynic might wonder about the timing of Steve Wozniak's comments. "I did not feel that this is what people want done to them", he said. While it's possible to leave Facebook without retiring from Messenger, there's always the risk that Facebook will keep on collecting data on its users.

"Users provide every detail of their life to Facebook and..."

In Facebook's (and Google's for that matter) perspective, they are providing a free service that is accessible to everyone.

Days later, Elon Musk had the Tesla and SpaceX pages removed from Facebook.

Several other high-profile users have removed themselves from the network completely, joining the #DeleteFacebook movement, including USA technology entrepreneur Elon Musk's accounts for his firms Tesla and Space X, singer Cher and actor Will Ferrell. The firm was also linked to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, for which Facebook is already accused of promoting political ads backed by Russian influence. Facebook acknowledged that up to up to 87 million users may have had their data improperly shared.