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She told the officers she had 11 children and couldn't find them.

Police in west suburban Riverside have arrested a woman they say is "one of the worst DUI offenders in the United States".

Tasha L. Schleicher, 41, was arrested in IL after police found her highly intoxicated. Officers also observed an open bottle of Crown Royal liquor in the front passenger seat.

Riverside police arrested Tasha Schleicher, 41, of New Home, Minn., on Monday around 9:30 p.m. Police said they got a call about a woman passed out behind the wheel of her vehicle in a gas station at 2246 South Harlem Avenue. An off-duty police sergeant said he saw Schleicher's auto drift into the median and side-swipe the barrier for roughly 200 feet before she exited the highway, pulled over, and began breastfeeding her baby, the newspaper reported. She told cops she was looking for her 11 kids, WLS reported.

Schleicher has DUI arrests in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, California, Oregon and Minnesota, along with three outstanding warrants because she wouldn't show up to scheduled court dates, police said.

Schleicher also told officers at the scene that she was pregnant, bleeding and having a miscarriage. When Schleicher refused to perform a field sobriety test, she was placed under arrest. Minnesota Child Protective Services confirmed to Riverside police that Schleicher's children had been taken away from her after the October drunken driving arrest, police said.

Her seventh DUI arrest could have been an especially combustible one.

Schleicher was described by authorities as being "in total disarray, not wearing shoes, and her clothes were literally falling off her".

Tasha Schleicher was arrested again for drunken driving on Monday. Witnesses, including the gas station attendant, told police that Schleicher was the only person in the vehicle. The results found her statement was fictitious, Weitzel said.

In a release, Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said, "This is one of the worst impaired driving arrests this agency has ever made". She also had warrants out in three states at the time of her latest arrest: in Nebraska for violation of a court order, and in Idaho and OR for failure to appear for prior drink driving charges. Witnesses said she was the only one in the vehicle when she arrived.

Schleicher does have 11 children, according to the Rochester Post-Bulletin, which reported that most of the children had at different points been taken away from her through various child custody actions across several states because of her drunken driving offenses.