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In 2016, Intel-Haifa developed the "Kaby Lake" processor which was at the time considered the strongest and fastest ever made for desktop computers.

Also announced was the addition of eighth-generation chips to the business-centered vPro platform, which provides enhanced security and performance to Intel chips created to fulfill enterprise-level needs.

Intel announced the new line of Intel i9 processors for desktops in 2017 and now the company is also preparing to make a move to the laptop market. Jumping straight to the top, the burliest entry is the Core i9-8950HK, the first Core i9 built for laptops. This translates to a turbo frequency of up to 4.8 GHz.

The new Core i7 processor with Iris Plus graphics is incredibly well-suited for a new Mac mini model (which Apple is rumored to be working on).

At an event in Beijing, Intel revealed the first 8th generation Core i9 chip for use in laptops.

And until now, Optane has been limited to only doing its speed-boosting magic on the boot drive, so if you've got a small SSD boot drive allied to a larger hard drive looking after the bulk of your game data, then you're not going to see any benefit from the affordable M.2 based memory.

What About Intel Optane Technology?

Mobile computing is becoming increasingly popular and with this in mind, Intel announced the highest performance CPU's for laptops that leverage Thermal Velocity Boost. The latest generation comes with the higher-performance yet in the Core i9 processors. The Core i7-8700T is hexa-core with 12 threads, while the Core i3-8100T, i3-8300T, i5-8400T, i5-8500T, and i5-8600T are once again quad-core and hexa-core, but not hyperthreaded.

The new processor also comes with Intel's Optane tech which increases memory and storage performance, as well as Intel's 300 Series Chipset, which has integrated fast Gigabit Wi-Fi.

8 Generation Intel® Core™ vs. 7 Generation Intel® Core™.

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Anandtech has additional chipset details and a breakdown of the rather confusing way Intel's 8th generation CPUs are split between 14nm+, 14nm++, and an as-yet-unknown 10nm refresh from Cannon Lake. "The new naming structure indicates a device that has the combination of Intel Core performance with the acceleration of Intel Optane memory", the company explained. Only the Core i9-8950HK is unlocked; the Core i7-8850H's partial unlock allows for DRAM overclocking and a 400MHz CPU overclock, but not more. And it enables up to 4.7 times faster game loading and 1.7 times faster media loading.