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But, there are a few issues that are haunting the Indian players at the games village.

Brisbane-based Teju Williamson has been added to the team to replace Kovchenko, with the teen working frantically with Wu to try and form a combination before competition at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in the second week of the Games.

Over 6,600 athletes will be participating in the 18 different sporting disciplines of this year's Games, and Malta is sending 25 of its best to compete in eight different categories.

However, Podium Programme director Tim Newenham does not want the athletes to feel pressured as they have gone through a lot of it during training sessions. "We will continue to be vigilant", said Grevemberg.

One of New Zealand's most decorated sportspeople, Sophie Pascoe, has been named New Zealand Team flag bearer for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

"They get an assistant to take your passport and go and do some of the security protocol for you which sort of takes your independence away".

In addition, special events trains will also operate on the Gold Coast line between the hours of 2pm and 2am for those wishing to attend the opening ceremony on April 4.

After claiming that the syringes found could have belonged to other teams who are staying in the same compound of the Games village, a top official today confirmed that the recovery was indeed made from an Indian but denied any dope violation.

According to sources, the Commonwealth Games Federation is investigating the matter.

Dunfee, a vocal advocate for clean sport, says the way the Games' anti-doping agents handled the situation leaves him optimistic that these Games will remain clean.

Gravemberg wrote, "The CGF is aware of correspondence between yourselves (IOA) and GOLDOC which clearly demonstrates an awareness and subsequent disregard of established timelines to the detriment of the athletes. I have complete confidence in them".

The ceremony is set to culminate with the Competitors' Oath and the finale to the Queen's Baton Relay, which has travelled 150,000 miles around every nation and territory in the Commonwealth.

After 388 days, 230,000 kilometres, and countless baton-bearers, that message will be read aloud at the opening ceremony by the Queen's representative, her son, Prince Charles.