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Fortnite Battle Royale took the gaming world by storm when it busted its way onto the market at the peak of PUBG infamy.

Blevins, more popularly known as "Ninja" and a former professional Halo player, revealed in an interview with CNBC that he earns about $500,000 per month.

Speaking to Glixel about the success of the game, Epic founder Tim Sweeney confirmed that the "majority" of the 700-person team at Epic is working on managing the breakout success, and that the situation certainly isn't the norm. The game was well-received in its original form but it's when they chose to add the free to play "battle royal" mode in September that game went to a new level.

ORIGINAL STORY - Fortnite Battle Royale has got some brand new week 5 challenges today and in a change of events there's no Fortnite server maintenance this week to stand in your way from getting started right away.

Hip-hop superstar Drake has broken a new record in streaming - this time in video games. While Epic Games has plans to release the game on Android as well, there is no date set in stone just yet.

"I doubt any major publisher could have pulled off this kind of pivot in the time we ended up doing it", said Zobrist. The team worked 14 days straight with no pauses for weekends.

It's taken "Fortnite Mobile" less than half a week to take over the iPhone charts not just in the USA, but also in more than 40 countries that it has been released to. Or just mere child's play?

With the huge amount of popularity, many have raised the question surrounding if Fortnite: Battle Royale could be a possible esports title, based on the fact that players and teams must rely on randomly generated items to drop across the map, paired with various other obstacles. Did they see a spike in interest?

You need to be logged in to post a comment. So the answer sounds fairly self-evident. In fact, Epic began their promotion campaign (only 7 weeks before launch) with a gameplay trailer, emphasising the game's new mechanics first.

From that moment, the gaming world went into a hype frenzy.

"[This trailer] has this feeling, sense of sheer joy, a playful aspect to what was going on.as opposed to being really focused on the core", he continued. Click through the slideshow below and enjoy some Fortnite style battle royale games on Android. Epic said this was never in their thoughts, and highlighted the 12-week development cycle as proof to how the game came to life on-the-fly. However, Android users got left behind until future notice.