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Over the weekend, Carrey shared an image on Twitter that appeared to be of Sanders.

Jim Carrey once used his creative abilities to spread laughter through film. Rather, he described the image as "a so-called Christian whose only objective in life is to lie for the wicked".

I'll leave it to you, reader, to decide whether Carrey's virulent attack on Sanders' Christian hypocrisy is grounds for anti-misogynist critique, or if it's just the best the Mr. But she would not confirm it is Sanders.

Meanwhile, Twitter users (and probably bots) - particularly supporters of the Trump administration - did as they always do, cracking back on Carrey for his portrayal of Sanders and his criticism of Christians. It's been a primary part of Carrey's social media presence for some time-that is, he regularly tweets new colorful, marker-made drawings, usually ghoulish renderings of modern political figures, with a quippy associated caption. At least one took things a step further and taunted him about his girlfriend, who committed suicide.

By Monday afternoon, Carrey was trending on Twitter.

On Sunday, he tweeted out a caricature of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, along with a message calling out the chasm between her actions and her proclaimed religious beliefs.

In February, Jim Carrey painted a picture of Marco Rubio with blood on his hands. "Apparently $3.3 million is the price of this politician's soul".

It's not all angry work, though, he also painted a portrait of Professor Stephen Hawking, who died last week. "See you around, buddy", the actor and painter wrote.