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The Denver Broncos turned to Case Keenum in a bid to end their quarterback carousel.

If the Broncos had that kind of quarterback play previous year, I don't think we'd be talking about a five-win team. Instead they could turn to others who could provide immediate impact and fill other holes on the roster. Keenum is expected to sign a deal with the Denver Broncos while Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater, the backup to Keenum most of 2017, both become free agents. But at the same time, everyone is becoming overheated about him is something of a distraction because the team has so many needs to fill if it is to become a serious playoff contender. What is certain is that by adding Cousins the Vikings are willing to take a big-time swing at ending that drought.

The issue I take with a Keenum signing is pretty simple. "We didn't spend a lot of time practicing for shootouts so I had no idea, but she beat (Canadian goaltender Shannon) Szabados so bad she actually could have gone either way with it. I like to see a guy with that kind of passion". A source said Mayowa also will visit the Redskins on Tuesday. At that point, teams can begin signing free agents off other teams.

Leave it to the National Football League to officially designate a time period for teams, players and agents to officially break rules they've most likely already been breaking. for at least the past few weeks. It changes the dynamics of the game. You know, see the place. Super Bowl MVP of that game. And the Vikings aren't expected to bring back Brock, who played sparingly last season. And, even head coach Mike Zimmer didn't seem convinced with Keenum after the season. It wasn't hard to connect the dots from a season's worth of uncertainty surrounding the quarterback, despite how well he played, in determining that Keenum's run in Minneapolis was going to be short-lived. "I think people will be really reluctant to do that going forward".

It bears repeating: Brees is the better player, regardless of age. That's obvious. That's apparent. "As the numbers get higher and higher for quarterbacks, the tag gets higher and higher", another agent said. The Big Four would have a chance to eventually develop into a franchise-type quarterback but it's hard for any team to reach the playoffs with a rookie quarterback. "That goes through the offensive line". Numerous names are familiar to New York Jets fans but are overpaid considering their output.

This move is a sensible one for the Vikings, though it does carry some risk. Bradford came to the Vikings from the Eagles for a first-round pick after Bridgewater was injured in 2016, but his balky knee pretty much ended his season after one start in 2017. They could still land a reserve quarterback if any of the top five fall on the boards. There were some things that we should have done differently that we didn't do.