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CFIUS' interest in Broadcom's takeover attempt before there's an agreement in place even if the companies can come to terms suggests that the story will hardly end there.

Shares of semiconductor concern Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) are slightly lower following a Wall Street Journal report suggesting the company is considering making an offer to buy Broadcom (AVGO), providing yet another twist in the latter firm's pursuit of Qualcomm (QCOM).

"Broadcom recognizes the essential role the member agencies of CFIUS play in ensuring US national security", the company said. Intel, though, sees its counterpart's focus in the lucrative 5G field as a boon in the waiting. Also, there is no clarity if Broadcom's bid to acquire Qualcomm will actually happen.

Broadcom said Monday that it is in the final stages of redomiciling to the USA, which is a precondition for its purchase of Qualcomm. But should it look like the acquisition will succeed, Intel is considering the expensive takeover (Broadcom's market value is about $104bn), or a series of smaller acquisitions.

Intel is watching the takeover battle closely and is eager for Broadcom to fail as the combined company would pose a serious competitive threat, the report said.

"A potential combination of Broadcom-Qualcomm-NXPI would lead to a dominate platform in wireless chipsets". Treasury said Broadcom violated that order by not giving proper notice about moving its headquarters to the U.S.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US sent a letter to the two companies over the weekend saying that it expects to make a ruling soon, and it doesn't sound like Broadcom has convinced CIFUS that the acquisition doesn't threaten national security.

The company said in its press release today that it supports the CFIUS process and noted that the agency has previously reviewed and cleared its acquisition of Brocade in November 2017.

CFIUS on March 4 ordered Qualcomm to postpone a shareholder meeting to vote on Broadcom's nominees to Qualcomm's board.

In February 2018, a revised buyout of $121 billion was offered by Broadcom, which was too rejected by Qualcomm.

Adding further to the complexity of the attempted acquisitions is Broadcom's plan to redomicile in the United States, from its current home in Singapore.

Broadcom has not yet commented on the issue.

It said it had petitioned a Singaporean court on Friday to order the convening of a special shareholder meeting to approve the move.