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However, Alexa faces fierce competition from Google's own smart home assistant.

Nest products won't be sold by Amazon.com any longer once current stock runs out, according to a report from Business Insider.

Amazon's decision is expected to heat up even more its ongoing battle with Google over the smart home market.

Sources cited in the report said they were given the impression that the decision came directly from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon and Google's cold war is entering a whole new phase, with the former now taking strides to ensure that none of Nest's products are sold through its platform.

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A person familiar with the matter said that in response, Nest made a decision to take an "all or nothing" approach and stop selling its products on Amazon once current stocks run out.

This is not the first time Amazon and Google have locked horns.

It's now unclear whether consumers will be able to buy Nest's connected gadgets through third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace.

People using Amazon's smart-assistant Alexa on Friday, either through an app or one of Amazon's many Echo devices, are finding that the typically attentive assistant isn't working as it normally does. Last week, the Seattle-based company announced that it's purchasing Ring, a creator of "smart" doorbells that include cameras and other home security features, for a reported $1 billion. The latest move reveals the rocky relationship between the two giant firms. Amazon removed Chromecast from its website because it did not support Amazon Prime Video. Further, Google had unconcerned YouTube from Amazon's Fire TV streaming products and Echo Show/Spot as it blamed Amazon to violate their terms and policies for the services offered.

Basically, both want to monitor customers' smart home usage and try to snatch up as much auditory information as possible while they're there via smart speakers that can listen in on verbal commands, all in the hopes of building better ad profiles.