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Regime-backer Russian Federation on Monday ordered a daily "humanitarian pause" of the enclave and said it was guaranteeing civilians safe passage to flee.

Russian Federation yesterday accused opposition groups in the besieged area of blocking access to aid and denying the evacuation of those who want to leave, despite Moscow's announcement of a humanitarian corridor.

Russian President recalled that in his latest conversations with Germany's Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron it was agreed to open a humanitarian corridor to let children, injured and all those in need of assistance leave the conflict zone. The resolution, prepared by Sweden and Kuwait, also calls for the medical evacuation of 700 people, particularly in eastern Ghouta.

Syrians walk down a destroyed street in Arbin in the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta on February 25, 2018.

Washington has since said it has evidence that Syria has used chlorine gas in attacks in recent weeks.

Lavrov said the United States was repeating allegations by what he called "fully-discredited" Syrian rescue workers in rebel-held areas, who had put forth "absurd claims against the government of Syria". "What we want is a full and permanent ceasefire for all of Ghouta", he said.

"Russia does not get to unilaterally rewrite the terms of the resolution they negotiated and they sat here and voted for", she said.

Syrian government forces have been pounding terrorist positions in the area to retake it and free a large number of civilians who are trapped there and struggle with malnutrition and lack of basic medical supplies.

After a night of intense fighting on the periphery of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian aviation early Wednesday bombed several localities in the rebel enclave, where an estimated 600 civilians have died since February 18, about a quarter of them children, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

A Syrian man walks past destroyed buildings in the rebel-held town of Hamouria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that his patience with militant attacks in Syria's Ghouta region is not indefinite, as terrorist groups positioned in the Damascus suburb continue to shell the capital indiscriminately.

On Wednesday, Syrian government forces advanced on the eastern edge of the Eastern Ghouta district and managed to retake the areas of Hawsh al-Dawahira and al-Shaffoniya.

The U.N. Security Council Saturday adopted a resolution demanding a complete cessation of hostilities for 30 days across Syria "without delay". While the relentless bombing has subsided in the region, home to about 400,000 civilians, the Syrian government's push to squeeze the insurgents out of the region continued.

In a terse assessment, United Nations humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock responded with a simple "No" almost a dozen times to council questions about whether the resolution had been implemented. In the years that followed, Syria's declared stockpile of banned poison gasses was destroyed by worldwide monitors.

People watch as smoke rises in eastern Ghouta, Damascus, Syria February 28, 2018.

The International Committee of the Red Cross that carried out the operation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, said the convoy carried stuff including 7,450 food baskets, enough for 50,000 people, in addition to mattresses, blankets and diapers.