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Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been caught up in a White House lockdown after a vehicle struck a nearby security barrier just after a joint press conference with Donald Trump this morning.

"TPP was a very bad deal for the United States". Today, we put the strongest sanctions on Korea that we have ever put on a country.

Turnbull is still keen to promote the pact, the official said, even though it is likely to receive a lukewarm reception from Trump.

"Our relationship with Australia will always be a very powerful and very successful relationship", said Trump. "So much, it's no good".

Australia's approach to China, easily its largest trading partner, has typically been more circumspect.

Turnbull lauded 100 years of "mateship" between the two counties dating back to the 1918 Battle of the Hamel, where soldiers from the United States and Australia fought side-by-side in France during World War I. "But ... that is not accurate".

He said the 400,000 new jobs that were created in the country past year and its sustained economic growth were thanks to strong trade links with other nations. "We're going to get rid of the bump stocks and we're going to do certain other things".

Trump, according to the White House, thanked Turnbull for Australia's leadership on counterterrorism issues in Southeast Asia and its substantial contributions to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

Melania and Donald Trump pose with Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull on the steps of the White House
Melania and Donald Trump pose with Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull on the steps of the White House

Asked if he'd like to visit when he and Turnbull appeared in the Oval Office, Trump said: "We will be there, yes".

Turnbull told the news conference that he and Trump had agreed on new initiatives to deepen security and economic ties.

As a result, Mr Turnbull's exit from the White House was delayed after spending most of the day in talks with Mr Trump, culminating in a joint press conference. Canberra is Australia's capital.

Trump also said he hoped to follow Australia with its tough "merit-based" immigration policies and announced the USA would name a new combat ship the USS Canberra. "There is no closer friendship", he said.

Australia has had no mass shootings since then.

The two leaders discussed North Korea, with Turnbull expressing supported for US sanctions and economic ties.

Trump had campaigned against immigration, including by Muslims, and disliked the deal, which was arranged by Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama. He said American and Australian companies are working together on energy production and infrastructure development.

"The difficulty facing Mr. Turnbull is nobody can be absolutely sure how the current president engages on any of those fronts, " Beazley added. The pair held an infamously bad-tempered telephone call early on in Trump's presidency.