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The HRW came up with the statement based on a time series of satellite imagery recorded between November 11, 2017, and February 19, 2018.

Myanmar security forces are accused of mass killings, rapes, making arbitrary arrests, lootings and burning of Rohingya villages in Rakhine State.

The report stated that over 534,000 Rohingya children are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh, while almost 185,000 Rohingya children remain in Myanmar's Rakhine state, subjected to ongoing violence, Anadolu Agency reported.

"Some 720,000 Rohingya children are essentially trapped - either hemmed in by violence and forced displacement inside Myanmar or stranded in overcrowded camps in Bangladesh because they can't return home", Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF Director of Emergency Programmes said in a report. A similar analysis by Human Rights Watch on Friday said at least 55 villages have been affected so far.

Almost 700,000 Rohingya fled northern Rakhine State to Bangladesh after Myanmar launched security operations dogged by accusations of significant human rights abuses.

Previously, Myanmar officials have said land needs to be cleared before new houses can be built. Myanmar bars independent media access to the state.

A Myanmar military probe concluded in November that no violations or abuses were committed by security forces, contrary to information reported by the United Nations, media outlets, and human rights groups.

A total of 362 villages have been destroyed either completely or partially since Myanmar's military began a campaign against the Rohingya in August past year, according to HRW. "How can we be happy about our houses being ripped off from our land?"

Bangladesh security forces have been instructed not to let those Rohingya cross the border, and many of them have said they would rather stay there to avoid becoming refugees in Bangladesh.

The Globe and Mail reported that after flying over Rakhine state in a helicopter, Rae said seeing "many, many burnt-out villages and destroyed villages and villages in which there's no sign of human activity whatsoever is-to put it mildly-sobering and ...deeply chilling".

The villages "should be treated as crime scenes" and preserved, it added.

They were later released around 8:00pm upon taking bonds, said Abul Khair, officer-in-charge of Ukhia Police Station.

He said governments donating to the cause should be careful not to help "efforts to pretend the Rohingya do not have the right to return to their villages". Myanmar said it had begun building "transit camps" to accommodate returnees, and there were plans to "build new villages".