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According to the New York Post, the Islamic Republic's Deputy Foreign Minister announced the possibility during an global conference in London, saying the UK, China, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States' sanctions against Iran have caused big banks to stay away from major business deals.

Mr Trump sees three defects in the deal: its failure to address Iran's ballistic missile program; the terms under which worldwide inspectors can visit suspect Iranian nuclear sites; and "sunset" clauses under which limits on the Iranian nuclear program start to expire after 10 years.

What is the Iran Nuclear Deal? .

Last month President Donald Trump said the deal's "terrible flaws" had to be fixed. Shortly after, Araqchi pointed out in a television appearance that the nuclear deal would not inhibit Iranian arms production and that the government would continue to arm Iranian allies in the region, "We have told them [the P5+1 world powers] in the negotiations that we will supply arms to anyone and anywhere necessary and will import weapons from anywhere we want and we have clarified this during the negotiations".

Mr Araghchi added that Iran-backed militia such as Lebanon's Hezbollah - which has also fought in Syria on the side of the Syrian government - existed to confront Israel.

Iran may withdraw from the 2015 worldwide nuclear deal if it can not receive economic benefits, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said on Thursday.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei echoed these statements, saying, "Our policy will not change with regards to the arrogant U.S. government".

Abdullah Sameri, a member of the Iranian Parliament's Energy Commission, says German companies can make good investments in Khuzestan given the province's great potential in energy, agricultural, and industrial fields.

A wave of protests in recent months, widely blamed on the country's economic woes and years of political tension and alleged corruption, have added more pressure on the administration of reformist President Hassan Rouhani to do something about the economy.

However, President Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken out against the agreement and has vowed to renegotiate it, calling it "the worst deal ever signed". Iranians certainly do, which is also what Salehi-Isfahani thinks is behind Araqchi's statements: The need to sound tough in the face of mounting pressure from the United States. "The nuclear deal is about security, other issues should be dealt with separately".

"If the USA and Iran are not on the same page with regards to Iran's nuclear program, regardless of what the construct of the program looks like, it's going to be a point of contention because the United States is going to use coercive measures to punish Iran for having its program", he said.

Second, it must ensure that Iran never even comes close to possessing a nuclear weapon.