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Apple isn't even requiring iPhone batteries to reach the usual degradation threshold in order to qualify for the replacement, meaning anyone with an affected iPhone 6 or later can sign up.

Many customers had interpreted the move by Apple as a way to fuel demand for newer iPhone models, their suspicions fuelled by the fact that the company didn't initially disclose the slowdowns or its reasons for them. One of those was whether the company would provide a partial rebate to customers who paid for a battery replacement before the discount was offered.

Apple's $29 battery replacements for older iPhones are going over pretty well. Apple said it slowed down the smartphones because lithium-ion batteries lose capacity over time.

Apple has previously gone into some detail about its decision, and today's response also provided a timeline of its actions.

Hogan outlined that in fall 2016, Apple received notice of iPhones unexpectedly shutting down.

The company is now working through a backlog of requests from consumers seeking to take advantage of the $29 out-of-warranty replacement. John Thune, R-South Dakota, earlier this month after Apple's admission in December that it slowed down iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were introduced in September; the iPhone X in November.

While Apple maintains that the update was meant to improve user experience, and not entice customers into buying new products, it nonetheless issued the apology and discounted replacement battery price at the end of 2017.

Apple's letter also laid out the timeline for the software update a year ago that triggered customer complaints of slower iPhone performance.

Thune said that in discussions with the committee "Apple has acknowledged that its initial disclosures came up short".

"Apple has also promised the committee some follow-up information, including an answer about additional steps it may take to address customers who purchased a new battery at full price", he continued.

Maximum capacity is a measure of battery capacity relative to when it was new.

Apple also said on Tuesday that a future software update will give users metrics on how well their battery works, as well as the option to turn the power management feature off.

Government agencies in countries ranging from Brazil to France and Italy to South Korea are also investigating Apple following complaints. Apple's chief software engineer, Craig Federighi, has said that they're focusing on making their software as sturdy and bug-free as possible. The company presently has an average rating of "Buy" and a consensus price target of $201.91. Apple also faces investigations from several global bodies over how it disclosed the software update as well.

Apple did not immediately comment on Thune's statement.