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Riverside County Sheriff's Homicide Detectives want to determine if David and Louise Turpin had any children who did not survive their house of horrors.

According to a report via the UK Mirror, Louise Turpin's half brother, Billy Lambert told how father David Allen Turpin, a former 57 year old computer engineer and his 49 year old 'home-maker' wife, Louise Anna Turpin wanting a 14th child as part of their 'reality show' ambitions.

The parents at first tied the children to their beds with ropes, Hestrin said, but began using padlocks and chains after one of them was able to break the rope.

Speaking to ABC News, David Turpin's parents, who live in West Virginia, say, "David and Louise Turpin are considered a good Christian family in their community".

They also are planning to perform DNA tests to check whether all of the 13 of the Turpins' children - seven adults and six children - are all related. The Turpins have denied all charges.

The children, seven of who are actually now adults, are recovering in local hospitals.

As a result of malnourishment, the 12-year-old child was the weight of an average 7-year-old while the oldest, a 29-year-old woman, weighed just 82 pounds, he said. It's been alleged that they starved their children, chained them to furniture, beat them, and wouldn't allow them to use the bathroom.

While the children were deprived of food, the Turpin parents ate well and even tormented the children by putting apple and pumpkin pies on the kitchen counter, but not letting them have any, Hestrin said. They also taunted them with new toys they were not allowed to touch.

The husband and wife were arrested and charged with torture and child endangerment last week after their 17-year-old child escaped and fled their California home. "But this has been going on before they even had children". The children were allegedly homeschooled, but many didn't know what a police officer was, or what medications or pills were. The children, who were schooled at home, were rarely seen outside the house, though the parents posted photos of them smiling together at Disneyland and in Las Vegas, where the couple renewed their wedding vows.

"If you can imagine being 17 years old and appearing to be a 10-year-old, being chained to a bed, being malnourished and injuries associated with that, I would call that torture."

"But she was doing it behind my dad's back - he wasn't aware that they were dating - and then one day, David went into the high school and they let him sign Louise out of school and they ran away".

"She used to say how the would be flawless for TV and would often mention they would be bigger than reality show Kate Plus 8".

Louise's brother said that the discovery has shocked him and other family members, who used to think that David and Louise were living the flawless life.

She told the dailymail she had a conversation about her baby plans just last month with her along with plans of buying a school bus. They were fed so rarely that several children have cognitive impairment and nerve damage.

The family had lived in Perris since 2014, and deputies had never been to the residence previously for any reason, Fellows said. Typically, they aim "to identify relatives who are able to provide care, as long as they pass background checks and are suitable and stable", but as of Tuesday, no relatives had come forward.

David Turpin was also charged with committing a lewd act against a child by force or fear or duress, District Attorney Mike Hestrin told a press conference, adding that bail had been set at US$13 million for each of the defendants.

"We have a lot of evidence to go through".