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Vince McMahon is officially moving forward with plans to bring back the XFL, the pro football league he launched in 2001 which lasted for one season. McMahon also said the league would begin with eight teams, each with a 40-man roster.

There were eight teams in the original XFL: San Francisco Demons, NY/NJ Hitmen, Orlando Rage, Los Angeles Xtreme, Las Vegas Outlaws, Memphis Maniax, Birmingham Thunderbolts and the Chicago Enforcers. Also, the league isn't slated to start play until 2020, which means that should Manziel not get another chance before then, he would have sat inactive for more than four seasons. "I think we're going to go where fans want us to go, wherever's there more interest", he said.

Vince doesn't want criminals playing for the league, so even if you have a DUI you can't play for any of the teams.

Later, pressed on the potential for a mandatory rule saying players must stand for the national anthem, McMahon said, "I think it'd be appropriate to do that".

"It'll have nothing to do with politics or social issues, we're here to play football". ESPN's 30 for 30 series covered the rise and fall of McMahon's football league in 2017's This Was The XFL.

"Quite frankly, we're going to give the game of football back to the fans", McMahon said.

The new league will have two years to get it right this time around. The more family friendly XFL even comes through in the league's new red-white-and-blue logo, as opposed to '01's in-your-face black-and-red one.

In 1999, WWE founded the XFL, which started and ended its only season in 2001.

As for which cities will actually take part in the XFL, the press release said the selection of cities will take place over the coming months, and a mix of major and mid-major markets in all regions of the USA are possibilities.

Still, it will likely be an uphill battle for the new football league.

Here are 10 things we learned about the new XFL via that conference call and an accompanying press release. Several times during a 20-minute interview, he referenced upcoming listening tours where he will ask fans, football experts and media figures to come up with the best way to stage football games. "It seems like in some way it would tie in either with the National Football League itself or the owners", McMahon said.

- They will take teams where fans want football, but they aren't close to announcing cities. It will offer a "shorter, faster paced" and "easier to understand game", McMahon told reporters.

- When asked if XFL players will be allowed to speak out socially, Vince said that there will be rules and the players will have to follow them.

There will be no crossover from XFL to WWE or vise-versa.