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President Donald Trump imposed stiff tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines Monday, aiming to protect USA manufacturers.

The Solar Energy Industries Association says the tariffs will result in the loss of 23,000 industry jobs this year, according to the Associated Press. This move will most heavily affect China - a global leader in solar power production. "I am in support of the tariff, for the simple reason we lost 25 great American manufacturers for solar in the past couple of years".

The solar tariff is lower than requested by the original petitioners in the case, Suniva and SolarWorld.

A major move in Washington late Monday could leave thousands of workers in Colorado's solar industry without a job.

As the White House signed these tariffs into law, 11 countries from the Pacific Rim agreed to a sign the Trans Pacific Partnership. It might still account for just a tiny slice of US electricity, but solar is getting more and more affordable as the technology improves and the industry scales up.

But the industry's future is a little more uncertain. "We believe the USA project development industry has already adjusted to the tariffs, and the impact on growth should be benign".

A pair of domestic manufacturers, Solar-World based in OR and Suniva based in Georgia, who both complained about having to compete against less expensive panels made in Asia, will benefit from Monday's tariffs.

Imported washers will also be hit with a tax of up to 50% in the first year, and that will phase out after 3 years.

United States officials said more trade enforcement actions would follow.

The president approved four years of tariffs that start at 30 percent and gradually drop to 15 percent.

President Donald Trump announced his administration is imposing a hefty tariff on imported solar panels. However, High Noon in Grand Junction gets most of their panel imports from a manufacturer out of Mexico, and because of the current NAFTA rules, their prices probably won't be affected.

"While we believe the decision will be significantly harmful to our industry and the economy, we appreciate that the president and the administration listened to our arguments", Hopper said.