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Before the incident, another video also showing a young man on the tracks had also gone viral. A voice in the background told Shiva he was standing perilously close to the train tracks, to which Shiva paid no heed.

The craze to take a selfie video with a speeding train in the background almost cost the life of a young man in Hyderabad, India.

The train hit his right hand and he fell down.

"Shiva took out his iPhone and started taking selfie video in front of moving MMTS train". The incident occurred on Sunday. He suffered injuries to his head and hands as a result of the stunt and was taken to a private hospital, where he was said to be in a stable condition.

He also ignored the blaring horn of the speeding train which eventually hit him. Last year, several people lost their lives in similar attempts.

A video of the man named Shiva has went viral on social media in which he is seen smiling at his smartphone camera.

Pakistan took second place in the global killer-selfie rankings with nine deaths, followed by the United States with eight and Russian Federation on six.

The study revealed that most of the selfie related deaths are from people falling off high places.

NDTV said that India has the most number of deaths because of reckless selfie-taking.

Days after a video of a death-defying stunt by a Kashmiri man shocked the nation, another video has emerged, in which a Hyderabad man is seen attempting a unsafe selfie.