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The unknown assailants may be using pellet guns to smash the windows of the buses.

Apple told employees in an email Tuesday night seen by Reuters that buses would take a new route that would add as much as 30 minutes to 45 minutes to the commute in each direction. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Anything thrown or shot at a bus with enough force to break its windows is a safety concern that puts passengers at risk of serious injury. The incidents were documented to have taken place between January 12 and January 16.

However, it's far from the first time that employee shuttles for the biggest names in tech have been targeted. The additional travel time is due to rerouting the charter buses used for the drive and is necessitated by protesters attacking the buses.

While the exact method by which the buses are being attacked remains unclear, that fact that real damage has been done is not.

"We believe that it was not some rock that was kicked off the roadway, but actually it might've been someone that was throwing something at these buses, or shooting at these buses", CHP spokesman Officer a local ABC affiliate. They may have no signs on them, but people in the Bay Area recognize them as being used by tech companies.

Google announced Wednesday that it was also rerouting its shuttles in the area. "Luckily, no one seems to have been injured yet".

The attacks, however, are likely the next step in the protests against the buses of the tech companies, which have become symbols of wealth disparity and gentrification in the area.

Redwood City CHP is now working with Apple and Google to identify the sources of the past week's attacks. However, according to a Guardian report, the companies are identifiable by the colors of the buses: white for Google, silver for Apple and blue for Facebook (fb).

Police have increased monitoring near the town of Woodside on Interstate 280, a major artery for traveling between San Francisco, where many tech industry workers live, and the corporate campuses of Silicon Valley.