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Reports have the meteor that streaked across southeast Michigan Tuesday night re-entering the atmosphere somewhere in Macomb County, with some pinpointing it to the area near 25 Mile Road and Card.

"It exploded definitely over southeastern MI".

In fact, meteors do not cause earthquakes to rupture along a fault, according to William Yeck, a research geophysicist at the United States Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colorado. It was traveling at about 28,000 miles per hour. "Somebody was reporting lightning with thunder", said meteorologist Cory Behnke. Larger pieces, like the one over MI on Tuesday night, are far more rare. We have chosen a few of the better videos out there, and you can see them all embedded in the post below.

"That is a fireball that has a bright flash and it explodes", he said. The main concern with these is the "airburst" - the shockwave set off by the asteroid exploding - which can shatter windows and cause injuries. Most likely it was the boom of the meteor breaking apart. It shook are house and made a large bang! It produced many meteorites, the largest of which was about 60 centimetres across and weighed around 300 kilograms.

Keep an eye on the ground if you live near the site of impact, as the AMS believes chunks of the meteor are probably waiting to be found.

How likely would it be to find a chunk of it on the ground somewhere?

In the wake of these events, meteor hunters collect meteorite samples and send them to NASA or other institutions that have the equipment to study the rocks. And if any parts of it survive the fall (and the explosion, if there is one) and make it to Earth's surface are called meteorites.

They can also determine the "cosmic ray exposure ages" of the rocks. The USGS confirmed that the origin of the natural disaster was the fall of a meteorite that was "seen and heard" in the Detroit area. Its remnant meteorites potentially landed between Detroit and Lansing.