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The bill as passed by the House would extend the NSA's spying programme for six years with minimal changes.

But less than 12 hours later, Trump suggested he wanted the FISA law terminated, tweeting it was used by the Obama administration to "badly surveil and abuse the Trump Campaign".

The House will vote on both bills today.

The House voted decisively Thursday to reauthorize a powerful government authority to conduct foreign surveillance on US soil, overcoming opposition from privacy advocates and confusion sown by a series of contradictory and seemingly misinformed tweets from President Trump questioning his own administration's support for the program.

But the suggestion that Trump had agreed with that significant change to the surveillance law received support from Paul, who is sponsoring the amendment with Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.).

"I don't understand why Donald Trump is in favor of this", Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News senior judicial analyst, said on the network.

During his weekly press conference, House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked about the president's conflicting tweets on the FISA bill and his awareness of the law.

It's President Donald Trump's favorite show - probably because the hosts share his aversion to facts - and he often spends his mornings watching it and tweeting out quotes from the program or responses to issues being discussed.

- The White House ban on staffers using personal cellphones in the West Wing will go into effect next Tuesday, according to an internal memo sent Wednesday by chief of staff John Kelly. Nunes had initially sought to include transparency requirements related to unmasking requests in the FISA Act renewal legislation but Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee objected, saying he couldn't support legislation that included such provisions. Otherwise, Trump's broadside this morning will give political cover to the USA Rights amendment's advocates, and might even spell trouble for Section 702 entirely.

The White House sees it very differently, terrorism and national security, as it has in defending what its critics see as heavy-handed immigration policies.

The US leader voiced opposition to rules that allow agencies to monitor foreign terror or spy suspects, as long as they gather a court order.

"It is well-known that he has concerns about the domestic FISA law".

"This vote is about foreign surveillance of foreign bad guys on foreign land", he tweeted. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has vowed to filibuster the legislation passed by the House, but the Senate is ultimately expected to approve the bill.

The White House had thrown its support behind the surveillance provision on similar grounds, with multiple administration officials calling for it to be made permanent, but Mr Trump sowed confusion by attacking the measure and then seeming to backtrack. Those FISA warrants are at the heart of a deep-state conspiracy theory alleging that the Steele dossier was used as a pretext to spy on his campaign and undermine him.

"We need it! Get smart!" he demands.

UPDATE: Trump responded to pleas from House Republicans and members of his own national security team seeking clarification of this morning's tweet. Despite the fact that Section 702 explicitly prohibits the targeting of USA citizens and residents, the government has routinely engaged in these "backdoor searches".