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Perhaps we'll see some Alexa earbuds to take on Apple's red-hot AirPods, along with more vehicle dashboard tie-ins like the ones BMW and Ford announced in 2017. And 69% of Google Home owners said they'd choose another Google gadget.

Enjoy the podcast and make sure to subscribe in Apple podcasts if you haven't already. Talking about the big discounts that Amazon and Google gave to Echo Dot and Home Mini buyers this past holiday season, IHS Markit senior analyst Paul Erickson says, "That kind of pricing is great for consumers and bad for Apple", Echoing that sentiment is Adam Wright, senior research analyst at IDC who predicts that "Apple is in a bit of trouble". It's been shown that users tend to select a top result on voice assistant since going through the other options is a bit harder than when on the web.

Do you really need a desk lamp or refrigerator that's always listening for voice commands?

Whirlpool has created an Alexa skill leveraging these new cooking capabilities in the Smart Home Skill API for its connected microwaves, and expects to launch it soon.

This means that manufacturers such as Whirlpool will be able to integrate smart capabilities into their kitchen products. For third-party hardware makers, the challenge this year will be to find the use cases that actually stick. Amazon's share of the USA smart speakers was estimated to be 74%, compared with 26% for Google, CIRP estimated in November. Google's answer is reportedly coming this year, with deep YouTube and Google Photos integration.

CRIP cofounder Mike Levin said, "Of course, it's early in the game, for the smart speaker market and therefore for this analysis".

GateHouse Media, the owner of the Herald-Tribune, has joined with Amazon to add the news reading skill to Amazon's Echo, Echo Tap and Echo Dot, as well as the Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets.

First, the updated Smart Home Skill API will support microwave ovens.

More consumers will be using voice in the home to get things done. Monetization schemes won't solve the problem directly, but they could compel developers to make better skills that people want to use more often.