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Passengers who spoke to the media said the airplane had landed straight but then started to slide and spin while taxiing, and ended up in a snowbank. "And yeah it started getting rough", Steve Chisholm, of SC, who was traveling to Boston on Christmas Day, told ABC affiliate WCVB.

"It could have been a lot worse", Brian Heacox told CBS Boston as he recalled the plane fishtailing "until we were looking at the runway that we had just pulled off".

Passengers said the plane hit the ice and, suddenly, it felt like they were doing donuts on the tarmac. "Pilot did a fantastic job".

"Coming down the runway and all of a sudden we started sliding and spinning and spinning and spinning. Everybody was applauding him at the end", said Chisholm. Taxiways are the "roads" that planes use to roll to and from runways.

'Buses transported customers from the aircraft to the terminal'.

Earlier on Monday departures and arrivals were halted at Logan International for about an hour as snow reduced visibility to near zero, airport officials said.

Crews worked to clear the runways at Logan Airport Christmas Day during the peak of the snowstorm.