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A teenager has been charged with fatally shooting a northern Virginia couple in their home.

Janet Kuhn said the family staged an intervention with her granddaughter on Wednesday, taking her to the District of Columbia to a friend's house to try to persuade her to stay away from the boyfriend. Kuhn-Fricker became interested in elder issues because her mother was an elder-law attorney. On Wednesday (Dec. 20), the Frickers chose to intervene by taking their daughter to the home of a friend in Washington D.C. There they convinced her that it would be in her best interest to sever ties with the young man and she agreed.

Family friends told the Washington Post the couple had been disturbed by online posts from their 16-year-old daughter's new boyfriend after they started dating in June. Kuhn-Fricker texted a friend Thursday night, according to the Post, saying she had sent a message to the boyfriend's mother which read that he "was sneaking into our house at night. and is an outspoken Neo Nazi".

Their daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend was also found shot and is now recovering in hospital.

The parents according to fox5dc were concerned that their daughter's involvement with the 17 year old youth would bring 'hate into their homes'. "He is spreading hate", Kuhn-Fricker wrote in an email to the principal obtained by The Post.

The quote is commonly attributed to Irish philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke.

It is not clear if the school made contact with the boy's family or if it was the teen herself who told him of her decision.

Kuhn told WJLA-TV that the parents tried to get their daughter to end her relationship with the boy.

Kuhn said the late parents had told her about an image the boy allegedly shared on a social media account that depicted "a picture of a skeletal face, blood dripping".

Scott Fricker worked for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The family, who were gathered at the home to celebrate Christmas, is still in shock and coming to terms with the senseless act. Fairfax County police did not immediately return an inquiry seeking more information on the suspect.