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On Oct. 24, an undercover agent privately messaged Jameson, in which he stated that he was "committed wholehearted (to the cause)", according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They also interviewed Jameson, who allegedly acknowledged parts of the planned attack and his support for terrorism and ISIS.

Authorities say Jameson told an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent he planned on targeting the heavily-crowded Pier 39 on Christmas, which he described as the "perfect day" for an attack, court documents showed.

According to a criminal complaint filed Friday, Jameson came to the FBI's attention on September 19, when a source who has previously reported to the agency on national security matters flagged his Facebook profile, where he appeared to be "liking" pro-ISIS posts. And according to the documents, the suspect was discharged from the Marine Corps. and had prior military experience with a "sharpshooter rifle qualification and expertise with rifle marksmanship".

The FBI's investigation began on September 19, when an FBI informant reported a suspicious Facebook account.

Jameson is charged with Attempt to Provide Material Support to Foreign Terrorist Organization.

He allegedly also professed support for the October 31 terror attack in New York City that killed eight people.

Jameson allegedly believed he was working with ISIS, according to authorities. The undercover agent said that he worked for Abu Bakr al-Baghdati, who Jameson recognized as the leader of ISIS. I've reconsidered." He later added, "In Sha Allah one day I can. They add that he was arrested earlier this week and a search warrant was executed at his Modesto home.

The FBI also discovered a handgun along with ammunition.

An FBI spokeswoman says that there now is no specific or credible threat to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The increased police presence come ahead of the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square celebration. "Sadly, that makes our home a target", she said in a statement. "We will remain vigilant and continue to protect our city from any threat".

It appears that Jameson may have been clued-in that the feds were onto him.

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