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Layer3 TV, which is now available in five cities across the country, integrates television, OTT services like Xumo, and services like Facebook, Pandora, and YouTube into its set-top boxes. There's no word on whether T-Mobile will be jumping into the potentially lucrative but enormously expensive content business a là Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others, but it's unlikely to do so at first, especially since it's partnered with Netflix itself with its T-Mobile ONE Family bundle.

Layer3 TV isn't the most well-known cable company. Between service contracts, no real competition in many places around the USA, and poor customer service, this notion that everyone hates big cable shouldn't really come as much of a surprise. ("Layer3 TV") and will work with Layer3 TV's leading technology and talent to create T-Mobile's new TV service. But unless he's got a serious rabbit to pull out of his hat, T-Mobile just consigned to join a vMVPD race that is already well underway. However the company indicated it plans to bundle wireless with the new TV service, but intends to offer a variety of different programming packages.

So T-Mobile, like it said during its early Uncarrier push to change the wireless industry, is talking big about TV and what they can do to change things up.

Scrappy wireless carrier T-Mobile is looking to take on the pay-TV market. "Together with T-Mobile, we're going to ditch everything you hate about cable and make everything you love about TV better".

The company also envisions an app for mobile use.

Now T-Mobile is literally becoming a cable company.

Layer3 offers a full featured pay-TV service, including 4K video, but leases capacity from existing broadband providers to deliver the IPTV service. More likely, the service will be offered separately in various tiers depending on how many channels, with the data usage zero-rated for T-Mobile's own wireless customers.

Terms of the acquisition of Denver-based Layer3 TV were not disclosed. Binder said in a statement.

Helping to introduce the new service will be technology innovator Layer3 TV, which has been acquired by T-Mobile.