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The potential vulnerability was discovered by researcher Michael Myng, who found a deactivated keylogger in part of a piece of software that could serve as a serious privacy concern for owners of the laptop.

A keylogger is capable of stealthily recording everything the user types on the keyboard (like logins and passwords), so this is clearly a major problem.

"A potential security vulnerability has been identified with certain versions of Synaptics touchpad drivers that impacts all Synaptics OEM partners", they explained in a security bulletin.

In a November 7 security update, HP provided links to software patches for more than 450 products, including multiple models of the HP Notebook, HP EliteBook, HP Mobile Thin Client, HP ProBook, HP Spectre Pro and HP ZBook Mobile Workstation.

It looks like, once again, debugging code was contained in a keyboard driver shipped by HP. The security release also asserted that neither HP nor Synaptics had gained access to customer data as a result of the keylogger.

"So, I messaged HP about the finding", Myng wrote.

"At this point I had to run some ETW capture software like MessageAnalyzer to read the trace, but I couldn't do that since I didn't have HP laptop", said the researcher.

The HP Spectre is one of the affected laptops.

Laptops in HP's Envy, Pavilion, ProBook and EliteBook ranges all contain the issue and HP has published a full list of affected devices all the way back to its 2012 models.

Tech giant HP has had a tough few months in terms of security, and is having to patch its laptops for a second time this year.

As always, you should keep your operating system updated with the latest security patches, while at the same time watching for patches from your PC manufacturer. The HP website also has a list of affected laptop models.

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