KXIP vs KKR Live Score

PlayStation Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden will be handling the presentation, which will surprise us with a few games and then roll into the show itself.

Given its usually slow pace, and all the gawking up at looming architecture, and monsters, The Last Guardian actually makes a lot of sense in VR.

To fully appreciate the scale of the PlayStation phenomenon, readers will be given an insight in its genesis, the context in which it was developed, and understand the commercial and marketing power of Sony itself.

The game first made its debut almost 20 years ago on the original PlayStation. WipEout Omega Collection was also announced for PlayStation VR for early 2018.

You don't even need to own the original game to play this experience. If you're nostalgic for the PlayStation days of yore, MediEvil should be right up your alley.

Perhaps the biggest announcement of PlayStation Experience 2017, however, is the return of Sir Daniel Fortesque with MediEvil Remastered for the PlayStation 4.

The book is awesome - it contains such a wealth of information on PlayStation, it's games and basically everything you ever wanted to know! While details on the project are scarce, the teaser video does state that the game has been created to feature 4K visuals on PS4 Pro, and the few visuals clearly show that it will be as faithful as possible to the original.

Of course, PSX wouldn't be the same without a host of new trailers.