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All over the country Thursday, groups participated in more than 600 peaceful protests in front of Verizon stores.

The rules prohibit providers from charging websites different fees that could create a "fast" or "slow" lane of traffic that critics say would harm small startups that cannot afford larger fees. In fact, net neutrality prevents regulation of the web billion-dollar monopoly corporations like Verizon and AT&T.

Ajit Pai and other supporters for the repeal of net neutrality claim that net neutrality "stifles innovation", yet this is simply not true.

Opponents of net neutrality noted that its elimination has benefits including giving consumers of the Internet more options, allowing them to pare down their choices and perhaps save money in the process.

"The existing situation is good", said Wendi A. Haugh, associate professor of anthropology at St. Lawrence University, who was one of the protest organizers.

Protesters hope to generate awareness about what, they call, severe repercussions of rollbacks regarding Net neutrality.

That's what locals were saying Thursday as they turned out to protest the possible end of net neutrality. Two employees, one in an Android mascot costume, even stood near protesters for a while, waving at cars. Verizon is the company that challenged the Federal Communication Commission's decision to maintain net neutrality and the former workplace of the FCC's current Chairman.

The leaflet, however, did not endorse net neutrality, which Verizon has publicly opposed, instead supporting the "lightly regulated environment" of the internet before the 2015 net neutrality rules were implemented.