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The entire house talked about how Arshi is behaving with Shilpa.

Their presence saved Shilpa from embarrassment on the national television. However, after few weeks Bigg Boss lifted the ban citing that Vikas had played extremely well in the BB Cushion factory task against Shilpa Shinde and team. As the conversation progressed, Shilpa, who was wearing a long flowing skirt, lost her balance, fell on the sofa and started slipping to the ground with her feet going high towards the roof.

Unable to reach for her skirt, she could've faced a really embarrassing moment but Vikas pounces just at the right time stretching his arm from his couch and holds her skirt right there! Bigg Boss announces that Arshi, Bandgi and Puneesh's punishment comes to an end.

Will Vikas Gupta become a good captain?

Before the next elimination on Weekend Ka Vaar, Bigg Boss 11 will see an exciting new task as the housemates will gear up to choose the next captain.

Hina, Akash, Priyank and Luv nominates Puneesh and Bandgi.

She also added how people post that episode called her a scare-crow and 'Bhagaudi.' Shilpa laughingly takes the blame and tells him people who can not deal with her should stay away.

Bigg Boss will further give a musical surprise to everyone. The once contender, who has the maximum housemates supporting and dancing for him, wins. Priyank doesn't say anything and keeps laughing. With each song, contestants will have to come forth and dance to the tunes of their favorite DJ between Vikas and Priyank. The house looks divided between Priyank, Shilpa and Vikas. Priyank also says that why Hina thinks that she will go till the finale, because it's Salman, who said that to her on one weekend.