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As a weird and wonderful celebration of the release of Swift's new album, Reputation, a USA newscaster named Laura Hettiger incorporated as many Taylor Swift song title as she could manage into her morning traffic report.

But, she still managed to trend worldwide, because she's Taylor Swift.

In a review headlined "Taylor Swift is no longer America's sweetheart", Entertainment Weekly's Leah Greenblatt called "Reputation" an "oddly bifurcated creation, half obsessed with grim score settling and celebrity damage, half infatuated with a lover who takes her away from all that". Swift continued her snake motif by singing with a gold microphone in the shape of a serpent.

And the rest of the tracks don't disappoint in the tea-spilling department.

Sadly, Swift, did not guest star in any skits during November 11th's "Saturday Night Live", but she did share a amusing moment with "SNL" host Tiffany Haddish before taking the stage.

"We are never just good or just bad".

She also sang an acoustic version of "Call It What You Want", which is basically about how she's moved on from the drama of 2016 and is in a better place now.

And for the portion of the internet sick of Swift's tendency to play the victim, look no further than "reputation" for evidence to support your annoyances.

"Red lasers, smoke and choreographed hip gyrations accompanied Tay's performance of ".Ready For It?", the second single from her latest album Reputation.

Sure, Taylor, we believe you.