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Former President Barack Obama reported for jury duty Wednesday morning at the Daley Center downtown.

Before he left, Obama went around the room to greet his fellow jurors, some of whom anticipated his arrival and brought books for him to sign, Evans said. But Obama was ready to serve if told to do so, Evans said. When he arrived there was a feeding frenzy as crowds of people inside the courthouse took photos and videos of the former president. He obliged them and posed for photographs, Evans said.

Obama arrived at the justice center in Chicago by motorcade, according to several US media reports that showed him entering the building and being greeted by people at the courthouse. He did get called for jury duty in Cook Country once as president, in 2010, where he used the convenient excuse of running the country and writing this State of the Union address to get out of it.

It is a mandatory requirement for USA citizens to attend for jury duty when they are summoned.

While the Obamas now live in Washington, the former president and first lady Michelle Obama maintain a home in Chicago, the city where he got his political start.

For his troubles, Obama is in line to receive $17.20 - the daily rate of pay for performing this civic duty.

Bill Clinton also appeared as a prospective juror in a federal court in Manhattan, New York City in 2003, though he was not selected either to sit on a jury. In 2004, Oprah Winfrey was on a Chicago jury that convicted a man of murder.