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Twitter's policies of banning and suspension are under fire again, this time from former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone, whose account was suspended, seemingly indefinitely, after he tweeted a storm of obscenities at a number of CNN anchors on Saturday night.

On Friday, CNN reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued the first indictment related to the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration's ties to Russian Federation. Only one of the subjects responded directly to Stone, with the New York Times columnist Charles Blow tweeting a fly-shooing one-word rejoinder: "Stoned".

Stone told CBS News he received a message from Twitter that he violated their rules and that the suspension would last at least three hours.

Stone, who was directly and indirectly involved with President Donald Trump's campaign, aimed many of his comments at CNN anchor Don Lemon. In April, Twitter suspended his account after Stone threatened an employee of the progressive group Media Matters, according to The Hill.

Stone on Sunday morning suggested that he could sue Twitter over the suspension, which is reportedly a permanent ban.

In another tweet, Stone told Lemon to "stop lying about the Clinton's and Uranium you ignorant lying covkscucker".

The tweets likely ran afoul of Twitter's policies against harassment and abusive behavior. In 2017, his work over the years was profiled in a Netflix original documentary called Get Me Roger Stone.

Some reports suggested the Twitter ban is permanent, similar to the bans handed down to notable British misogynist Milo Yiannopoulos and conspiratorial trolls like Chuck Johnson. Like other social media sites, its critics say, the company has struggled to strike the right balance between allowing free speech and tamping down harassment and hate speech.

"This is a odd way to do business and part and parcel of the systematic effort by the tech left to censor and silence conservative voices", Stone wrote in an email.