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How do I get Amazon Key delivery? Technically, yes, this does mean handing access to your home to a large organization, but to be fair none of those are ever hacked. But Amazon Key adds an unpredictable element back into the tech-efficient equation, one that typically companies like Amazon are trying to do away with: humans. Delivery associates are told to ring a doorbell or knock when they arrive at someone's house. The delivery person is given a one-time code to open the door and Walmart said customers will get an alert on their smartphones when someone enters.

Now, it's worth pointing out that Amazon Key isn't compatible with other security systems you already have in your home.

As it stands, the Amazon Key looks like a strong first step toward an even more pervasive Amazon presence in your home.

Amazon Cloud Cam, an intelligent indoor security camera that lets you keep track of your home at an affordable price.

The online retail giant is launching the service in some parts of the USA in November and is selling an Amazon Key starter kit - including a camera and smart lock - for $US250 ($A324).

Amazon's own team will deliver the packages, potentially expanding the service to third parties in the future, and there will be no extra cost for the new delivery service.

Here's how it works: you get a notification and watch the delivery happening live - or watch a video clip of it later. The thought being that you can monitor the delivery process or review footage later to make sure nothing unsavory happened.

"It's significant in that we're working with Amazon, obviously a powerhouse in online retailing, and working with them on one of the most innovative programs in e-commerce and home delivery", the firm said in a statement provided to the E-Commerce Times by spokesperson Terry Shea.

Although he acknowledges the potential security risks of a service like Amazon Key, Mortimer believes the offering overall has a "strong value proposition" and removes much of the risks associated with home delivery. The worker scans the package which sends a message to the cloud, then down to the smart lock.

"I love it when I just order, and they come within an hour and leave it on my porch", says Amazon customer Kyle Steele.

AMAZON continues on its crusade to become ubiquitous in the lives of their customers by introducing a new smart home system that will allow for safer deliveries and less hassle. The Amazon Key platform could eventually be integrated with thousands of providers - from dog walkers to house cleaners - letting you schedule appointments without worrying about giving someone a physical key. Once, they swipe the screen, your door unlocks and they will place your package inside and swipe again on their phone to lock the door. It also lets you lock and unlock your door lock.