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Pay with Google collects credit and debit card numbers and shipping addresses, eliminating the need to re-enter payment information on certain sites. In essence, users can link just about any payment method to their Google accounts, then use that account to check out anywhere online.

Among the apps supporting Google payments are Instacart, Kayak, and Wish, along with others like Dice in the United Kingdom and iFood in Brazil. In a blog post, Google says that various apps and websites have already adopted the payment alternative with more to come.

Unlike existing tools that let developers understand how real-world users experience their own sites, Chrome User Experience Report offers comparisons with other sites and macro user experience trends across the web.

At launch, this list of supported services includes Doordash, Eat24, Instacart, Kayak, Postmates, Wish, and others, but will expand to include others like Airbnb, Papa John's, StubHub, Deliveroo, and many more in the near future. All the information is fetched from your Google account which saves you from typing this information every time you checkout on a new website or app.

Google claims that Pay with Google will remove the hassle of paying for goods and services online and make the checkout process easier and seamless.

Pay with Google was first previewed in May this year, and the code to implement the feature into apps has also been made available to developers, Google said.

"Then, the merchant will handle all the details just like any other purchase", he said.

As an incentive to get more merchants to join, Google isn't charging a transaction fee on purchases, and it takes "only a few lines of code" to add its payment option.

In the golden age of digital payments, we hardly use cash.

Starting today Google is rolling out "Pay with Google" to Android devices and the Chrome browser.