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Make Home uniquely yours.

You're even able to great new sections on the front welcome page which Microsoft is calling "blocks".

Players can also look forward to the new home interface.

The revamped Home tab is built around a new concept by Microsoft named blocks. It provides access to Sign-in, Achievements, Parties, Friends, Home, Messages, Broadcasts and a new Action Centre. Microsoft is now offering three theme options, specifically dark, light, and high-contrast. Switching between different sections is easy using the two Xbox controller bumpers or left thumbstick and d-pad.

New "Friends in games" flyout informs you of friends playing the same game. Enjoy more Xbox Arena tournament options with the addition of new titles.

It has become more efficient in tracking down time-sensitive activities and statuses, and they are visible to see from a far distance. OLED TV players will be glad to know that Microsoft is working on the screen-dimming feature to avoid the much despised screen ghosting. The Game Hub Welcome tab was also redesigned with new feature that gives a summary of a game's great content.

The Mixer tab now has previews so you can see more before joining.

The Xbox One Fall Update features several things.

Finally, Microsoft has promised the next major Xbox update should enable console owners to buy games as a gift for their fellow players. Here are all the important things that are included in the download, which is now available to be installed for all Xbox One gamers.

Bulk transfer will allow you to select and transfer as many games as you want all at once.

Each Xbox update brings improvements and new features to the Xbox One's operating system.

Just like the Xbox 360 titles, gamers will be able to insert their physical discs in order to download digital versions of the original Xbox One games. The Xbox One S is capable of streaming in 4K, and the included HDMI cable does support 4K, so if you are looking for a gaming console and something to stream 4K content, this is definitely a good one to pick up - the PlayStation 4 Pro does also do 4K.

Xbox Assist can help you when you have a problem.