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Gerard Butler was taken to hospital following a motorcycle accident earlier this month, ET has learned. According to TMZ, "The Ugly Truth" actor crashed his motorcycle after being run off the road by a vehicle.

He explained: "I was going along the road doing my thing and this lady made a decision to go from parked on the other side of the road to an illegal U-Turn and went right in front of me".

The Scottish heart-throb, 47, suffered several cuts, bruises and a serious foot injury.

A source told American entertainment website TMZ: "Someone called 911, paramedics came and took Gerard to a nearby hospital where he was treated for his injuries".

The "300" star can remember the incident really well but has admitted all that was going through his mind when he eventually smashed into the ground was whether he'd be well enough to film his new movie. I love you this much!' he captioned a post from today. According to Looper, Butler almost drowned while filming surfing shots for his 2012 film Chasing Mavericks, when crashing waves pushed him deep underwater.

Gerard has been hard at work promoting his new film Geostorm - which comes out next week - and he recently spoke out about having an allergic reaction to bee venom after he followed nutritional advice that recommended taking it. "I began to think 'Wow, I'm going to die making a movie, '" he recalled to the Daily Mail.