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Speaking in Kentucky at a political event attended by coal miners, EPA chief Scott Pruitt said he would Tuesday "be signing a proposed rule to withdraw the so-called Clean Power Plan of the past administration".

The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday proposed to repeal the Clean Power Plan, placing the proposed repeal in the Federal Register and giving stakeholders 60 days to submit public comment. California will, in fact, exceed the goals of the Clean Power Plan.

Trump, who once called climate change a "hoax", also announced in June that his country will leave the Paris Agreement on curbing global warming.

CNN obtained a copy of the leaked proposal to repeal the milestone Clean Power Plan, the outcome of President Donald Trump's executive orders calling for the review of the plan and questions the legality of the original rule. Maintaining U.S. leadership on climate is good for jobs, economic growth and competitiveness.

Graham is not the only candidate opposing the Trump administration's environmental rollbacks. Compliance costs would eventually be passed down to consumers, leading to higher energy costs, they said. He also emphasized that Florida has the most property at risk from climate change.

An alternative plan could require plants to make boilers more efficient, but that could result in fewer overall emissions reductions, environmentalists say.

In New Jersey, the candidates for governor - Democratic nominee Phil Murphy and Republican nominee Kim Guadango - have both pledged to rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, an interstate pact to lower greenhouse gases. It has been lauded for reducing energy costs while reducing emissions since its launch in 2009.

Cover image: Coal-fired power plant.

The withdrawal of the Clean Power Plan is the latest in a series of moves by Trump and Pruitt to dismantle Obama's legacy on fighting climate change, including the delay or roll back of rules limiting levels of toxic pollution in smokestack emissions and wastewater discharges from coal-burning power plants.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced he'll go to court to block the Trump administration's repeal of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

President Barack Obama's "clean power plan" would have led to coal plants reducing Carbon dioxide omissions.

Hoyos encourages state and local leaders to prioritize the transition to 100 percent clean energy. Almost 200 countries have committed to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

States must develop and implement plans that ensure the power plants in their state - either individually, together, or in combination with other measures - achieve the equivalent, in terms of either or rate or mass, of the interim Carbon dioxide performance rates between 2022 and 2029, and the final Carbon dioxide emission performance rates for their state by 2030. A major USA states have some form of a renewable portfolio standard.

Pruitt's announcement has drawn harsh criticism from supporters of the plan.

The announcement came as no surprise, as Trump promised a repeal on the campaign trail to bring back mining jobs.