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Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Sonic the Hedgehog, Jennifer Lawrence, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Sonic has starred in a number of animated shows in the past but is still mostly known as a video game character. Both Fowler and Miller are still on board as director and exeuctive producer respectively, while the plan remains to deliver a blend of live-action and CGI. Moritz is producing the film under his "Original Film" banner. While the picture was at Sony, the plan was to churn out at least one new Sonic Movie a year. Hell, even when it comes to games, Sonic's recent outings have ranged from pleasantly surprising (Sonic Mania) to disastrous (Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric).

How does one go about telling the story of a blue hedgehog that likes to run really fast on the big screen?

From what we've seen, video games that are adapted into movies rarely do well. Actually, forget masterpiece, how about something universally adored? This is the first time that the character will have his own movie. Sonic is a character who is versatile enough to work in any number of situations, and has a universal, dare we say it, Disney-esque appeal that many video game protagonists lack. It's a move that will prove to be controversial with fans since a property like Sonic the Hedgehog feels more at home with animation.

At a time when Hollywood is willing to mine any property that offers a hint of name recognition it's baffling that video game movies aren't a lucrative genre. There is a long list of video game movies that have been awful and have bombed at the box office, but that hasn't stopped movie studios from trying again and again. No further details on the plot were available.