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But, bad news for the Browns...rookie phenom Myles Garrett won't play at defensive end due to a high ankle sprain, suffered in practice earlier this week.

The top overall pick in this year's draft will miss Sunday's opener against Pittsburgh and possibly a few more games after severely spraining his right ankle during practice. That means he will sit out against the Steelers and likely the following week at Baltimore, and perhaps other games.

Through suspensions and injuries, the Steelers' for the first time, in a long time, will be going into week one with all of their offensive stars. "I've been feeling like this since the beginning of training camp".

The 6-foot-4, 275-pound Garrett was limited by a left ankle sprain past year at Texas A&M.

Cabot reports that Garrett will undergo an MRI to determine the severity of the injury and a source told Cabot that the team fears the injury will cause the former Texas A&M and Arlington Martin start to miss multiple weeks of his rookie season.

If Brown doesn't make an end zone appearance this weekend, the perennial Pro Bowler will have plenty of opportunities this season.

The Browns and the Steelers first met in 1950 after the Browns entered the NFL fresh off dominating the All-American Football Conference for four years. Kizer will get a rude awakening to the level of competition before bouncing back after a couple of games under his belt. I know that he'll do great in his career.

The Cleveland Browns just can't seem to catch a break. "He extends plays. When he extends the play, he is the most risky because now he is doing things that the timing of the scheme or the timing of the play from my part is off-kilter". "That is something that I am going to have to be able to do here in Cleveland".

The Browns have high hopes that Garrett will be as good as advertised. In order to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers you have to get Ben down. "We will play this thing out as we go, and if there is a chance where Cody fits better, then Cody will be the backup".

Just when it wasn't possible for the Steelers to get better heading into 2018, they did just that. "I've got some new moves to show you", Brown said in a video on the Twitter post. I step out there in all of the preseason games that I play, and I look at guys that I have been watching on TV since I have been young.

"The excitement, the attention to detail, sense of urgency, all those things are turned up a little bit", he said.

"My bold prediction, I really feel like Myles can make the Pro Bowl his rookie year".