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The statement by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, senior Democrat Richard Neal and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch and senior Democrat Ron Wyden said talks to improve South Korea's implementation and compliance with the trade agreement were welcome.

Fischer wrote: "During this challenging time, we must demonstrate solidarity with our allies as they face significant threats".

National Hog Farmer magazine reports that if KORUS is terminated, the United States likely will lose the South Korean pork market to the European Union, Chile and other countries that have preferential trade access to the Asian nation.

"The US will lose significant market share to the EU, Australia, China and others while sending a very risky message that America is not interested in doing business in Asia", wrote Tami Overby, the lobbying group's senior vice president for Asia.

The Korea-US free trade agreement, known as KORUS, has achieved its goal of expanding bilateral trade, and its shortcomings must be addressed through modifications, the lawmakers noted.

Fischer concluded: "We are witnessing one of the toughest farm economies since the 1980s". If the United States were to withdraw from KORUS, South Korea still would need to import the same amount of food. "USTR has long pressed the Korean government to address burdensome regulations which often exclude USA firms or artificially set prices for American intellectual property".

Doubts about the future of the deal first surfaced Saturday after The Washington Post reported that Trump officials were considering a withdrawal.

U.S. President Donald Trump has long blamed the KORUS trade deal for U.S. trade deficit with South Korea.

"KORUS has solidified and enhanced our longtime and fruitful partnership with South Korea".

Washington wants to change the South Korea deal to help cut its trade deficit with Asia's fourth-largest economy.

Some Trump advisers had been urging the president to stick with the current trade agreement to avoid straining relations with a key US ally in Asia.

ROB SCOTT: We were supposed to benefit from the deal.

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) warned it will lead to immediate and sustained losses in sales to the third largest corn customer. The administration tried to demand a renegotiation of the agreement last month, but the talks went poorly, as the South Koreans (understandably) asked for a study to find out whether there was any link between KORUS and the trade deficit.

While it's extremely unlikely the Trump administration will jump-start TPP negotiations, it should avoid further unforced errors that would damage our influence in the Pacific.

China is South Korea's number one export market, averaging 25 percent of Korea's exports over the past decade. The KORUS agreement has been very good for both countries since it was signed.

The second round of negotiations to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement will finish September 5 in Mexico City.

But when asked if the US has been pressuring the South Korean government to further open up the agriculture market, he did not answer.