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In July, North Korea conducted two tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile that appeared capable of reaching the United States mainland.

North Korea's latest test caused two earthquakes amid speculation the rock over the site had caved in, initially sparking fears radioactive material had leaked into the atmosphere.

South Korean environmental activists protest against the THAAD deployment in Seoul, South Korea.

The United States has already banned Americans from travelling to North Korea following the death of Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old college student from OH who was released from North Korea in June in a coma after being detained there for more than a year.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is playing an unprecedentedly unsafe game with nuclear and missile tests.

Russian Federation and China both share a border with North Korea. His father-in-law was the North Korean prime minister at the time.

Xenon is a naturally occurring, colourless gas that is used in manufacturing of some sorts of lights.

Tensions are rising after North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb, reportedly five times bigger than the nuclear weapon dropped on Nagasaki during World War II.

In late August, the Pentagon posted another proposal for contractors to build walls around four U.S. bases in South Korea to protect them from a potential attack.

"Military action would certainly be an option. Is it inevitable? Nothing is inevitable", Trump told reporters.

"If we want a preemptive strike against North Korean missiles, then we need to know exactly where the regime plans to fire its missiles from which means we need more satellites for detection".

However, senior members of his administration have made clear that the door to a diplomatic solution is still open.

North Korea says it needs its weapons to protect itself from US aggression and regularly threatens to destroy the United States.

The USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered carrier, left its home port in Japan for a routine autumn patrol of the Western Pacific, a Navy spokeswoman said. That is the best way to keep the so-called "balance of terror" in the Korean Peninsula.

The United Nations Security Council already has imposed sanctions, including on coal and seafood. Dozens were hurt and taken to hospitals, said the Yonhap news agency.

John Bolton, former USA ambassador to the United Nations, told Newsmax: "This is a clear exercise of self-defense, and there's no question we should do it".

Although some experts are agreeing that Kim Jong-un might not finish performing an unprovoked attack, there is not any proof to assure that North Korea will stop making this tests.

South Korea is still working to complement its current defense network, and significantly bolster its OWN missile defense capabilities, namely called three-pillar defense system.