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U.S. Customs and Border Protection announce Thursday the selected vendors for construction of the concrete wall prototypes for the Border Wall. This medallion marks the border at San Ysidro, California.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will test the barriers to see how readily smugglers could cut through them and whether they can deter efforts to climb over them. Contracts awarded Thursday would be for prototypes of concrete walls that might be on either side of the zone. The U-S border with Mexico is around two-thousand miles long.

The Press could not reach the representative for further comment, but the continued support of Cramer and his colleagues will be necessary for the wall to go anywhere past the prototype stage.

"These prototypes, which are meant to deter illegal crossings, will help us refine the design standards and security requirements that will meet the needs of U.S Border Patrol", said acting Deputy Commissioner Ron Vitiello during a press briefing on the wall.

The companies have now been requested to build prototypes of their designs for the wall at a location near San Diego, the CBP said, adding that construction may begin in September and last for 30 days.

Congress now has $20 million set aside for the southern wall, but it will need much more to finish building it.

Fisher Sand & Gravel, meanwhile, said it was ready to get to work.

The border wall between the USA and its southern neighbour is a step closer after four companies were awarded contracts to build prototypes. Those prototypes will be reviewed also before any final decision is made, Vitiello said. One called for concrete wall design (the one just awarded) and the other called for "Other than Concrete" wall design.

It is not known when the wall will go up, though Trump's campaign was built on the promise he will erect the defense system and make Mexico pay for it. This stage of the border wall project will be paid for with funds already appropriated by Congress for the current fiscal year.

The first set of contracts to build the Mexico border wall have been handed out. "The American people voted for immigration control".

Mr Vitiello said he did not know if any of the firms had had prior experience in border wall construction. An MIT study puts the price tag at $38 billion.