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Next, President Trump spoke about lowering taxes for middle-class families. This was a major campaign pledge that remains short on detail and a long way from becoming law.

President Donald Trump made an opening pitch in what promises to become a battle in Congress to revamp the United States tax code, which he told guests during a speech in Springfield, Illinois hurts middle class Americans by driving jobs overseas.

Trump laid out other broad principles he hopes to see in the tax reform legislation, including a simplification of the tax code, reducing rates for middle-income Americans, as well as incentivizing companies to bring profits back onshore.

The White House and Republican lawmakers have not finalized a tax plan, and have not scored a significant legislative win after efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act failed.

"That means getting rid of the loopholes and the complexity that benefits special interest groups", Trump said, adding that the current tax code is so complicated that most Americans need help doing their taxes.

"I don't want to be disappointed by Congress", he continued. Do you understand me?

"I am fully committed to working with Congress to get this job done", he said.

Donald Trump once said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters would still love him.

The president's speech in Springfield is expected to officially kick off administration tax endeavors, which will likely entail cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code.

For her part, McCaskill has offered some hope of finding common ground with Trump, including on corporate tax cuts.

However, he believes the tax cut plan is a "50-50 proposition" due to the potential lack of collaboration from the democrats' side. "The president said today he wants to unrig the economy, which begs the question: unrig it for who?"

As a result, Trump argued that the high cost of doing business in the USA had contributed to the outsourcing of jobs overseas, and that lowering business taxes would help bring jobs back.

"Products made with American hands, labor and grit will once again be delivered throughout the world", Trump said.

"There's no evidence whatsoever that the administration or Republicans in Congress are prepared to get rid of enough deductions to get anywhere close to paying for a tax cut for that magnitude", Bartlett said.

Tax reform stands then as a golden opportunity for redemption by the GOP Congress.

They also would pare repatriation taxes so companies can "return trillions and trillions of dollars to our economy".