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But enough about the users, what about the Note 8? The main design elements are borrowed from early flagships, while the device still tries to stick to the square, boxy roots of the Note lineup.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ both have the same camera functionality, featuring a single 12-megapixel rear camera with autofocus, optical image stabilisation and a f/1.7 aperture with eight times digital zoom. The successor to the ill-fated Note 7 is one of iterative improvement over the Galaxy S8, sharing much of its DNA, while preserving numerous features that made the Note series one of Samsung's best, and most customer-loyal, since 2011. Image stabilization will reduce blurry photos captured with an unsteady hand or while moving. I feel like I'm slowly watching Samsung converge the Galaxy Note and S lines so completely that they're barely appreciably different anymore.

The S Pen slots in next to USB Type-C port at the bottom of the device, while the front is nearly all-screen like the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with super slim bezels and dual edge Infinity Display. The phone's dual camera system is expected to be more advanced than the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera. There's also an S-Pen that is seen on the image. Users can open Live Message at any time using Air Command.

Samsung has a lot to prove with the#Galaxy Note 8, since last year's debacle with the Galaxy Note 7, which led to a complete global recall of the handset.

When it comes to the S Pen, the functionality of Screen off memo taking (where you don't even have to launch an app to take notes), has been expanded from one page to up to 100.

A Translate application will allow you to use the S Pen to highlight text in another language and have it converted to your own, and even have currency converted to your local dollar amounts.

And as you would expect, it has undergone exhaustive testing, including Samsung's rigorous 8-point safety process. The cell inside the Note 8 is 3300mAh, which is bigger than the 3000mAh cell in the Galaxy S8 but smaller than the 3500mAh version in the Galaxy S8+.

Samsung is hoping (probably praying as well) that the Note brand will again be remembered for big innovations rather than advances in combustion technology. Meanwhile, to give you an idea, the Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display.

Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 Specs: Which phone is more powerful?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will go on presale from August 25, while they won't be available in retail stores until Friday, September 22 in Australia. No force carrier apps (read: United States carrier ads). There's fast charging available through the USB Type-C port, or wirelessly. The Note 8 will be available in stores starting September 15.